Welcome to The Summit!

We are a community of believers that are very passionate about the things of God. Because of this, we have a passion for God and compassion for people. Our culture is characterized by worship, the presence of God, family, revival, sound teaching as well as signs, wonders & miracles.

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve recently become a part of the family, we want to welcome you and also help you look for ways to get more connected and involved. You can do that by visiting one of our dynamic services and personally meeting someone from our team.

All of our church services and various other gatherings and classes happen either on site of our main church campus or in the homes of people from our church community. To find out more take a look around this site for more info. If you are looking to make The Summit your home church, we recommend starting with our Fresh Start class so you have a firm grasp on our history and who we are. We invite you to feel free to be part of our family, and all are welcome. See you soon!