Worship Internship

Nikki Mathis Ministries is offering a one-on-one, 1-3 month, hands on, live-in, internship that focuses on expanding, growing and pulling out the gifts and callings of those interested in the areas of ministry and worship. Nikki’s heart is to see women, regardless of age or experience, who feel called to worship or ministry walk out and live up to their full potential. The vision is to equip and teach those women on an intimate level with hands-on experience that they would not receive in a classroom setting. The goal is for the intern to leave here with confidence, a deeper relationship with God, and the knowledge that they need, to go back home and lead worship in their congregation…

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Elisha Company Internship

Ministry Internship

Chris & Nikki Mathis ministries offers a hands-on, 3 month, intimate leadership training program that focuses on imparting, raising up and bringing forth the gifts and callings of a generation. The heartbeat of the Elisha Company Internship is to build Godly character, impart vision and anointing, and to help lead upcoming leaders into their destiny for The Kingdom of God. The goal of this internship is to see the intern leave with the necessary biblical tools to advance God’s Kingdom in cities, regions and nations. This powerful time of impartation begins March 1 and will run through May 31st 2015.

Requirements & Expectations

We trust that before you come and while you’re here, you have already been living a lifestyle of basic Christian standards. We do not tolerate partying, sexual activity, drinking, smoking, swearing, or rebellion. Failure to comply with these standards will result in immediate release from the internship. While Interning with us, you will be reflecting our ministry, as well as The Summit, as we require accountability while in this mentorship. All applicants must be between the ages of 18-30.

We expect that during your internship, you will:

Follow basic Christian standard.
Be involved in The Summit services, conferences and activities
Comply with set schedule with excellence and a desire to learn
Adhere and complete all homework or council given ensure growth.

Tuition & Fees

During your stay with us, all food and housing will be provided for, with the exception of dining out. You will be responsible for any extra wants or purchases. A reasonable fee of $2,400 will be required for the 3 month internship and will be required once accepted into the ministry internship.

Application Process