The House of Refuge

"He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; He snapped their chains." -Psalm 107:14

Britton and Haley Creel - Program Directors

You can contact them directly through The House of Refuge by email at or by phone at 850-306-1900.

About The House of Refuge

The House of Refuge is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides a drug and alcohol rehab with a Jesus-centered program. We believe addiction is a byproduct of wounds and hurts and strongholds in an individual’s life. Although some will get addicted through experimentation, more often than not, there is a root cause for the lifestyle of addiction.

We believe in the power of God to set the captive free and the oppressed and depressed find joy. Through counseling, services, one-on-one mentorship, group sessions and practical application classes, we provide the tools needed to walk out a life of freedom from addiction. We accept men ages 18 years and up and look for those who are sincerely ready to do that which is necessary to finally be free from addiction. They live in a house with dorm supervisors, leaders and Pastors of the Summit Church.

We are a one year, smoke and narcotic free program. There is a detailed daily schedule the students follow that includes classes, fundraisers, group and one-on-one sessions. Our directors and leadership team have been equipped with the tools needed to help walk out each student, with experience and training. After the one year is up, if the student so chooses, they qualify to enter into the Elisha Company Internship, where they have the option to work and save money to transition out, as well as stay in a safe and accountable environment.